Mathematics for Game Developers

We view this offering as a series of activities rather than a math book. Each activity includes short descriptions and examples, and most have teacher notes at the end of the activity. Feel free to edit to support your students.

We made every effort for all documents to pass all accessibility screenings. Graphs and math equations are complex by their nature. We have created .pdf versions with ALT text for all images and .docx versions that work with all JAWS screen readers. If you have an interest in advising, please get in touch with

The Unit title, in the Table of Contents toward the bottom of this page, links to both accessible .pdf and .docx files of each Unit of the Student Edition.

If you email, we will send a link to .pdf and .docx versions of the Teacher’s Edition and all solutions.

The digital versions of the book are free. We hope to hear from you regarding how the materials can be improved or added to. Everything is CC BY 4.0 – free to use, edit, and adapt with attribution. Please attribute to Downey Unified School District and 2 Degree Shift.

To order a printed book:

Lulu Press link to a Teacher’s Edition printed book for $36.75 plus tax and shipping

Lulu Press link to a Student’s Edition printed book for $9.14 plus tax and shipping